Health Care verse Sick Care

Well the election is finally over and the topic of healthcare continues to be a controversial one. Whatever side of the fence you are one, the fact that healthcare costs continue to climb. My personal policy premiums jumped 66%, and I have not used my insurance plan during the two years I have had it. So, that brings me to the topic of health care or sick care. Research has always shown that individuals that value their health and are preventative have less health issues, insurance claims and medical costs. This fits the Chiropractic model well with a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the high cost of medical care and sick care. Most health insurance is not for health, but for a catastrophic event. This is why we are seeing 50-70 dollar co-pays, 10,000 dollar deductibles and limited coverage for of course the things that you actually will need and use. It is time for this country and society to see the value to prevention and not waiting for everything to break down before taking the time to resolve it. The Chiropractic model is get well and stay well. It is not based strictly on pain or whether it hurts today. It is my hope that this next year more individuals will seek the path to healthcare and healthy living verse the sick/pain care model. My last thought, ask more questions when it comes to your body and health.

Chiropractically Yours,

Patrick W. Martin, DC

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